Knafo is a Montreal-based multi-instrumental artist who plays downtempo electronic music. 

He made his debut in 1997 as a drummer for a Montreal band called San Citrus. As they were recording their third album, Knafo discovers a passion for studio work. In 2001, switching from the stage to the studio, he starts a new solo career under the name Knafo to create electronic music rather than indie. 

In the following years, Knafo develops his style and experiments in studio, mixing up different genres, from electronic to alternative rock, house and many others. After a four year stay in Cuba, the artist’s compositions have a strong influence of Cuban percussions. Throughout the years, he finds himself with hundreds of different recordings. In 2000, Knafo, whose real name is Mickael Kanfi, creates Twist Image, a digital marketing agency, known as Mirum today. Being very busy with his new company, Knafo puts his music on hold, but his passion will come back running. 

In 2013, he releases an album called No Coincidence, along with two music videos, Crazy People and Mystical Information. This first album, very well received by the public, is composed of his best songs, written in the past ten years. On it, Knafo plays every instrument and works Miguel Graca (Pronto Musique) to finalize it all. For his album release, he also collaborated with artists who practice graphic arts, in order to create a unique work of art for each of his songs. 

In November of 2015, Knafo releases his second album: Change to Last. Multi-talented, he handles the creation of album from start to end. He plays every instrument, sings, writes the songs and records all of it by himself. This new album is much more personal than the first one, it being on the topic of conjugal relationships. Knafo expresses his thoughts through a short film, rather than the usual music video, a dreams he’s had for many years. Also, for his upcoming release, he associates himself with the Rainbows foundation, that helps kids that are in mourning. He decided to hand out the money he made with the album sales to the organization, and matched it. 

Working in the musical field for over 15 years, Knafo wants to share his music way beyond borders. His work can be found on iTUNES, SPOTIFY, Beatport and in many clubs all around the world. DJs such as Dale T, Miguel Graca, Lebaron, Stéphane Lefrancois and Vincent Lemieux also remixed his music. Knafo is on a roll and is not intending to stop anytime soon!